Symbol Quest: Riddle Challenge

What is Symbol Quest: Riddle Challenge?

Symbol Quest: Riddle Challenge is a fun to play quiz game for those 5 to 10 minutes you have to wait for something or simply feel bored. Draw lines at a pitch black screen to uncover a hidden symbol and guess what it is!

Symbol Quest: Riddle Challenge is easy to learn for anybody and does not mind age. Use your lines cleverly to uncover as much from the secret symbol as possible or call your witts to make the most of the letters given. There are many ways to win!

Uncover more than 500 symbols for free without the need to spend money. Ask your friends on facebook for help when you are stuck on a level or drop some wrong letters to help yourself. It is up to you.



  • Discover many unique symbols and spell them correctly
  • Approach each level differently as you reveal the symbol
  • Stop and resume the game whenever you want
  • Train your witts with a huge amount of challenging levels
  • Maybe even learn a few new words
  • Extremely good performance and low batterie usage
  • Available for free now!


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